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    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.001
    • Drawing; Sketch
    • 1911
    • Colorful field of grasses bushes and scrub. A dark purple road cuts through the field on a diagonal and there are dark purple trees and bushes at the horizon line.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.033
    • Painting
    • 1919-1920
    • Small buldings and trees, crescent moon in dark blue sky with cloud.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.02.008
    • Painting
    • 1924-1926
    • Rocks in foreground, green and blue water body. Two pink/gray buildings with vibrant red/orange tree in beyween. Largest tree is surrounded by smaller red/orange trees. Orange mountain in sky in background.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.017
    • Painting
    • Tall vertical red building on left (cut by upper edge of composition) with four vertical rectangular windows. Dark rectangle to left of red may be side building, but extends below lower corner. Large red shape (logs, flames, smoke) dominates center...

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.014
    • Painting
    • 1914-1915
    • Buildings in flesh tone around a dark water area which is painted in white wash over dark area in foreground; dark sky; evening or storm scene.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.42.006
    • Painting
    • 1922
    • Black sky, orange trees and foliage, gray buildings, red/orange moon in the center.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.024
    • Drawing; Sketch
    • Building, trees.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.013
    • Painting
    • 1914-1915
    • Picture includes a red bridge, buildings, and a mill pond.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.012
    • Painting
    • 1934
    • Vertical format, factory buildings with church spire in the rear on the right; grey sky.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.05.006
    • Painting
    • 1912
    • Orange sleeping cat on gray background.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.038
    • Drawing; Sketch
    • 1911
    • Early Sketch for later versions of Rockaway. Both sides are cut off by walls, view of barns along the canal is seen in between. Two bare trees on the rough bank in front of the building.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.021
    • Painting
    • 1922-1923
    • Sky, island, huge expanse of blue sea with rocks or reef. Green waves, trees, rocks, orange roofed building, and cliff in lower right.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.009
    • Painting
    • 1916-1917
    • Elaborate red factory buldings with sharp (ink?) outlines, blue and green trees on right.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.020
    • Painting
    • 1922-1923
    • Blue sky, lavender mountain hills with trees and red-roofed buildings, hay stacks(?) in foreground. Some kind of inscription in lower left - maybe earlier attempt at signature.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.02.001
    • Painting
    • 1917
    • Snow scene with canal cutting through and red building in background.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.02.002
    • Painting
    • 1922
    • Sailboat in far left, sea, pointed tree, pink building, large tree at right.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.016
    • Painting
    • Painted primarily in shades of blue-green and pinkish purple, with accents of white and black, also some touches of yellow and red-orange. Tall buildings in foreground, on left sign reading 'Storage,' above and behind this is cylindrical tank with...

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.018
    • Painting
    • 1930
    • Snow scene, large bare black and white tree on left, black road or canal in center with band of pink on right edge, band of white (snow on far bank?) with edge in gray and black. Red building on right, irregular vertical rectangle with chimney on...

    • Bluemner 2000.01.60.040
    • Drawing; Sketch
    • Female figure profile at left - stands in planted field (flowers?) large blue and green tree and smaller trees in background.

    • Bluemner 2000.01.01.012
    • Drawing; Sketch
    • Drawing of bridge, buildings and river, study of same subject as Bluemner 2000.01.01.016. Color notations and encircled numbers appear to give directions for finished work.


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